Boston, MA
Entrepreneur/Editor-in-Chief at College Fashion.net
What she’s wearing: Navy blue American Apparel racer-back tank and tribal bandage skirt ; Theory blazer ; Jeffrey Campbell Potion boots ; turquoise and silver necklace from fantasyjewelrybox.com; two-finger ring from Shopnastygal.com.

Why she Blogs: “I started College Fashion in 2007 when I was a sophomore in college. I was obsessed with fashion blogs but quickly realized that none of them were written with college students in mind. I thought it would be great to have a fashion site written from a student perspective, covering the trends happening on campuses and giving style advice for college students. A few months later, College Fashion was born."

If she knew then what she knows now about blogging, she’d have told herself: “Focus on creating high-quality, original content, and everything else will follow. Once I started focusing solely on writing useful, in-depth articles, the site really took off.”

Changes she’d like to see in the blogosphere: More originality. “So many sites re-post the same news stories and trends. It can feel like you're in an echo chamber.”

… but she hopes it never loses: The sense of community. “I've gotten to know some fantastic people through blogging, most of whom have blogs of their own. It's great to have a network of people supporting each other and collaborating, instead of trying to tear each other down."

Wouldn’t survive without: “My MacBook Pro  and BlackBerry . I also love my Canon Rebel XSi camera .”

Essential social networking tool: Twitter. “It's such a great way to keep in touch with other fashion bloggers and people in the industry. As a self-employed person who works from my apartment, it's nice to feel connected.”

She’s “mayor” of: Boloco! “It's a Boston-based burrito chain. My boyfriend and I eat there at least once a week; and as a vegetarian, I can eat pretty much anything on their menu, which rocks.”

Dreams of meeting: Karl Lagerfeld or Marc Jacobs. “Marc owns a store in my hometown of Provincetown, MA, and visits fairly often, so it's not an impossible dream!”

Her personal style: Minimalist with an edge

Who/what influences her fashion decisions: “My mood, the weather, where I'm going … I try my best to be practical with my choices but more often than not, aesthetics beat practicality. I am always that girl complaining about my shoes hurting even though it was my choice to wear 5-inch heels instead of flats!”

Top daily reads: WhoWhatWear, Jak & Jil, and Fashionista

Favorite online shopping destination: Shopnastygal.com

Favorite real-world shopping: Vintage stores. “I prefer to buy vintage clothes offline–pretty much the only thing I don't buy on the Internet!”

Longs to own: A Chanel quilted 2.55 bag

Wardrobe essentials: "Things that go with everything…my black leather Christian Louboutin pumps ; the Theory blazer  I'm wearing here; and my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, a gift from my boyfriend."

Beauty essentials: Paula's Choice Barely There tinted moisturizer SPF 20 ; Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner ; and Shimmer Lights purple shampoo

Current signature scent: Burberry Brit . “It smells amazing and comes in the cutest plaid bottle. “

How she’s going green: “Since I moved to Boston last year, I don't drive my car much anymore--I walk or take the train 90% of the time.”

Beautiful Blogger Correspondent: Ann Colville Somma of Holier Than Now