Sara Ruffin Costello

Currently SoHo, NY but moving to New Orleans
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Her three children: Harrison (10), Carolina (7) and Ruffin (3 months)

First thing she consumes in the a.m.: “A glass of fresh squeezed juice, followed by cleaning off whatever breakfast the kids left behind on their plates.”

How she stays fit: Soul Cycle

Her dress: Isabel Marant

Ruffin's striped onesie: Estella

How her wardrobe's changed since becoming a mom: “I wear a lot of sweatpants.”

Wardrobe essentials (aside from the aforementioned sweats): Vanessa Bruno shirts, wide-leg trousers, Converse

Go-to shoes for day and night: “A kitten heel with a point.”

Looks she loves on her kids: “They are free spirits. Harrison wears the same thing every day–jeans and a t-shirt with his band’s name, Black Leopard; Kiki (Carolina's nickname) has amazing style–my favorite is when she wears her brother’s blazers and ties to school; the only one I have real sartorial control over is Ruffin--he looks best in Peter Pan collars.” Top online shops for kids: “I like this weird site I found on Etsy, Vintage Child Modern and all the other little one-offs you can find there.”

Their favorite distractions: "Legos for my son; Suite Life of Zack & Cody for my daughter."

Beauty product she cannot live without: Alba oil. "It's totally green. I use it on my face and body."

Signature scent: Chloe

Advice to new mothers: "Pay attention to your husband!"

Favorite place to travel with her husband sans the kids: "There are lots of them, but standouts include: Morocco, Miami, and Round Hill in Jamaica."

Fave family vacation: Tulum, Mexico

Book that's bedside now: "There are a few: Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisted, John Krakauer’s story about Pat Tillman, an American hero in Afghanistan, and 1776, which I have been reading for like a decade."

Most repeated phrase to her children: "'If you do that one more time...' or 'That’s annoying.'"

Efforts her family takes to be green: "The kids school us daily on reuse and recycle, and we really try hard not to be such voracious consumers--it’s a huge challenge."

Photo by Joey Kuhn