Sam Shipley & Jeff Halmos

Co-Designers, Shipley & Halmos
New York City
First thing Sam consumes in the a.m.: La Colombe coffee. "It's on my walk to work and is the best coffee in the city."

What they're wearing: Jeff's got on a vintage camel coat, Shipley & Halmos sweater, Uniqlo pants, and Paul Smith boots; Sam's wearing a shirt, coat and leather jacket all by Shipley & Halmos, his girlfriend's scarf, A.P.C. jeans and Heutchy boots   

Sam's personal style: "It's a combination of vintage and new stuff. I like mixing the two."

When he knew he wanted to be a designer
: "It's been 9 years, and I still don't consider myself a fashion designer."

If Jeff weren’t a designer, what he'd be: A dog walker 

What inspires him: "I’m always inspired by travel–visiting new places, meeting new people. I’m due for a good,long vacation!"

A big part of the Shipley & Halmos aesthetic: People who really embrace their individuality 

Designer Sam admires most: "I would say Martin Margiela. Everything about that company is just really thought out." 

His wardrobe essentials: Black suit, white woven shirt, cashmere sweater, leather biker jacket, and a pair of Chuck Taylors. ("All five of these should NOT be worn at the same time.")

Jeff's “uniform:” Woven button-down shirt, jeans, and ankle boots. "It's pretty basic, but I like how menswear is very simple and to the point."

Sam's winter go-to item: "I have a pretty good collection of scarves that I like to wear."

Jeff's favorite Shipley & Halmos item: "I'm pretty into our varsity jacket from SS11." 

Advice he’d give to anyone entering the field of fashion: "You don't need formal training to be successful. And that's not just for clothes. Neither Sam nor I have extensive fashion backgrounds; but we like clothes to fit a certain way, and we like exploring what you can do with that."

Advice on looking your best: Take care of your equipment, and it'll take care of you. 

Jeff's least favorite look: When guys wear t-shirts layered over woven shirts. "It's not a good look at all."

Sam's splurge: "My Tank watch. I don't need to own another watch for a long time."

Jeff's cheap thrill: The Expendables. "Dolph Lundgren was a revelation."

His grooming must-haves: "I have this mint shampoo from Malin & Goetz that I love. That's about the extent of my beautification process." 

Sam's signature scent: "Anything that has the marked 'Musk'--with that 70s, outdoor, hairy-chested manliness to it that the ladies just can't resist." 

Always in his bag: "My iPod and a pen and pencil. I love music; and you never know when that brilliant idea will strike you, and you'd kick yourself for not writing it down."

Music he grooves to: Knife by Grizzly Bear, Straight to Hell by The Clash, What Would I Want? Sky by Animal Collective, Debaser by The Pixies 

Fave restaurant: Lupe's East LA Kitchen. "We hit this spot at least once a week for lunch. Love the vibe, people are nice, and the food is pretty authentic for a NY Mexican restaurant. The huevos rancheros is solid. We also recommend trying one of their aguas frescas."

Jeff's daily reads: "I like Not only is it pretty interesting for fashion and design, but there's music and other great content. I also read pretty much every day. I love sports."

Top shop: Church Street Surplus. "Every time Sam and I go there, we find great stuff. The owner and his family have been there for years. If you walk in, you'll definitely believe it."

Book that's at Sam's bedside now: "A great book about the crazy explorer Percy Fawcett." 

Jeff's all-time favorite travel destination: Japan. "Something interesting or funny happens every 5-10 minutes when you're exploring Tokyo."

How Sam's reducing his carbon footprint: "I have the fortune of not living far from our studio, so I walk to work everyday."

Charity Jeff's supports: The New York Street Vendor Project. "We worked with Guerrilla Ice Cream on a project for Fashion's Night Out and all proceeds went to them, which was pretty cool."

Photo: Sam Shipley (left) and Jeff Halmos (right)