Moon Rhee

Founder, DEAR, and Store Owner of DEAR:rivington+
NYC; hails from Seoul, Korea
At DEAR:rivington+
Own This Look

His previous shop: “I opened up the store called DEAR:55 on Clinton Street on the Lower East Side in 1997 and re-located the store to Rivington Street in 2000 and changed the name to DEAR:rivington+.”

Wearing: Dries Van Noten jacket, DEAR pants, Comme des Garcons sweater, Converse sneakers, antique bracelets

Favorite item in his closet: Vintage Comme des Garcons jacket from the 90s

Inspirations: People and music

Fave store: Comme des Garcons in Chelsea. "I love the atmosphere and that it has no music. It makes me focus on clothing.”

Style icon: “My fiancée, Heyja Do (Co-Owner and Creative Director of DEAR:rivington).”

Fave designers: “I like 80s avant-guarde designers like Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, and now Ann Demuleemeester. I love her personal style--it is very natural and comfortable, yet edgy.”

Fragrance: Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

Worth the splurge: “Anything that has an interesting look and character--usually I find them in vintage clothing, antique furniture, etc.”

Free-time fun: “Finding good food and walking around the city that never bored me for the last 20 years.”

Music he loves: Jazz and classical

How he stays fit: “I sometimes do Kendo, traditional Japanese swordsmanship, in Tribeca.”

Favorite restaurant: “There are so many that I cannot choose one; but in the neighborhood, I enjoy Freemans and Marumi. For me, it’s not only the food but also the atmosphere the place has. I like very homey and comfortable places where I can stay for long hours.”

Photo by Bruno Gaget