Marysol Castro

Journalist for ABC News, Good Morning America
Westport, CT
Upper West Side, NYC
Her name: Inspired by 1974 Miss Universe from Puerto Rico

Expert advice to anyone contemplating journalism as a career:
1) Read everything in all mediums: Newspapers, TV, Radio, Blogs, Magazines
2) Be your harshest critic and raise the bar for yourself
3) Create your own path and investigate all mediums
Blogs she frequents: Huffington Post , The Daily Beast , Kiss and Type (which her stepdaughter writes), Urban Baby

Wearing: Ray-Ban Aviators ; boyfriend jeans ($45) at LF Westport ; Hanes wife beater t-shirt  ; BCBG shoes  ; LF Millau vest

Fave designer: Diane Von Fustenberg . "I just realized I have 9 of her dresses hanging in my closet right now."

Must-have for Spring: “I have made peace with my athletic legs and will definitely invest in some killer wedges.”

What she’s considering: Stuart Weitzman  or Michael Kors

Beauty routine: Yonka eye cream  ; Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer  ; Dior Black Out Mascara  ; Nars Orgasm blush  ; Chanel brow pencil

How she keeps her on-air smile so bright: Arm & Hammer toothpaste  with baking soda

Skin guru: Marita Hanson

Inspiration: Her children

Free-time fun: Children's museum in Norwalk and Compo Beach in CT

Her Mother's Day plans: "Saturday is my baby's first birthday so that's a good Mother's Day treat. Sunday, once I'm home from the studio, my boys and I will likely run around outside until we're dizzy, have some Popsicles, and look for worms and ladybugs. After, we'll meet up with my sister--a mother of 4--and our mom for something delicious. I hope to wash it down with something refreshing and bubbly."

Exercise routine: When she's not running with one or both of her boys in the jogging stroller, she trains with Robert Sidbury at Reebok Sports Club

Most interesting story she ever reported: "Undocumented Students. There is an entire population of immigrant college students who are in this country illegally....but they have no choice. Their parents brought them here when they were too young to know any better. I profiled a group of them that attend Berkeley College in Northern California. They agreed to go on camera, even though they could have easily been deported. These students are brilliant."

Favorite music: "I like R & B--Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige are favorites; I also love salsa...Marc Anthony and Tito Puente; and I've been known to listen to Kings of Leon and Sigur Ros. So I have an allegiance to music that moves me."

Gotta’-have-it gadgets: Her MacBook Pro  ; and she hopes to possess an iPhone  at some point in her adult life and a Flip camera

Free-time fun: "It's all about my kids--Children's Museum in Norwalk and Campo Beach in Westport."

Books that are bedside now: Bhagarad Gita (Hindu Scripture) and A Room of One's Own by Virginia Woolf

Green efforts: "I try to be environmentally-friendly however I can. I have a compost pile in the kitchen."