Lana Ogilvie

Model and Jewelry Designer
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First thing she consumes in the a.m.: Earl Grey tea

How she stays fit: "I try to make the time to walk everywhere. I hate taxis--I am a terrible backseat driver. Occasionally, I use the Elliptical plank pose!"

Her children: Coco and Rufus (shown here)

Wearing: No.6 clog boots, Uniqlo skinny jeans, H&M t-shirt, All Saints sweater and leather jacket, all jewelry by Sabre (with the exception of her Tiffany wedding band)

How her wardrobe's changed since becoming a mom: "I don't wear the latest trainers/running shoes/high tops, etc. anymore."

Wardrobe essentials: "Skinny jeans from Uniqlo, round-toe flats (I have many colors and fabrics), Randolph Army Issue sunglasses."

Go-to shoes for day and night: No.6 clog boots (for the last 4 months)

Look she loves on Rufus: Levis Red Tabs, Converse, polo shirt, roll-neck knitted sweater and German Army style jacket from J. Crew

Top online shops for kids: Crewcuts and

Beauty product she cannot live without: Somme Institute Serum

Signature scents: Aqua di Parma Men's Cologne (the lemon scent) and West Indian Extract of Lime by Geo F. Trumper

Favorite place to hang out with her husband alone: At home

Advice to new mothers: "Don't buy a DS or Wii or PlayStation or Club Penguin. Stay video-game free!"

Fave family vacation: Isla Gobernadora, Panama

Book that's bedside now: Autumn of the Patriarch by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Most repeated phrase to her kids: "You didn't practice your instrument."

Efforts the family takes to be green: Recycling everything from paper to clothing

Photo by Joey Kuhn