Social Media Consultant and Creatrix of Purple Lab
Wearing: Club Monaco Jordan Shorts and Reese Fedora (click here for stores); Chloe top; Lanvin shoes; Celine bag

Her personal style
: It’s mood-dependent. “Downtown rocker one moment, uptown poise the next, Stevie Nicks Bohemian some days, sweet and flirty others. But no matter the vibe, the shoes are always extreme and at least five inches high.”

Style Tips:

1. Wear what you love and feel good in, not what the trend dictates
2. Go outside your comfort zone and take a risk with something new and different--something unexpected
3. When in doubt, a white button down, great black pants and sharp trench or motorcycle jacket will always do the trick

Style Icons:
Kate Moss, Thalita Getty, Bianca Jagger, Jane Birkin, Carine Roitfeld

Fashion influences
: “Art, street culture, music, the mood I'm in, and how I feel in my life influences me more than any editorial spread in a magazine.”

Club Monaco item you're coveting from Fall collection:
“I can't decide between the Cora sequin blazer (arriving in November, click here for stores) and the Gia faux fur vest (arriving in October, click here for stores)! Both are musts along with the knit scarves and hats!”

How you'll work these pieces into your wardrobe: “I love pairing sequins with tattered denim, mixing something that looks precious with something nonchalant. I'd wear it with a long, loose fitting white t-shirt, lots of chain necklaces and the highest of high heels. The vest I'd do with everything--over little dresses, flowy tops, t-shirts and jeans. They're both perfect staples.”

Fave color: Purple

Fave beauty items from her Purple Lab line: Huge Lips Skinny Hips lip gloss with Hoodia in Worship Kate and Cheek Implants cream blush with collagen in Backstage Pass

Must-have SPF: Kate Somerville for the face

Signature scent: Creed's Spring Flowers or Love in Black or nothing at all.”

Green efforts: She never leaves home without her SIGG bottle, always unplugs what she’s not using, and won’t ever use plastic bags