Gala Darling

Writer, fashion editor, international playgirl and nomad!
New York City; hails from Wellington, New Zealand
What she’s wearing: Pink flower crown by Which Goose on Etsy; vintage 1950’s dress from eBay ; yellow bow belt by World ; polka-dot shoes by Pleaser ; purple embossed ‘Miss Darling’ satchel  by the Cambridge Satchel Company

Why she Blogs: “I have been blogging since before it was called blogging--I coded my first personal website in 1997. I started because I was sick of having a real job! I am a creative person, and it seemed like the perfect outlet. I love the Internet for the way it brings people together and the opportunities it presents for sharing information and ideas. “

If she knew then what she knows now about blogging, she’d have told herself: “Happily, I feel like the path I've taken has been perfect for me. The mistakes I've made taught me the things I needed to learn, and my successes have showed me where to focus my energy. I did have moments of frustration at the start--when that happens, you just have to keep the faith.”

Changes she’d like to see in the blogosphere: “I'd really love for people to stop thinking of it as ‘us versus magazines.’ Let's get together to create something bigger than our two industries!”

… but she hopes it never loses: “Individuality. Most bloggers don't feel beholden to certain designers or companies. What they write is real and without an agenda.”

Wouldn’t survive without: “I was recently given a Kin phone, and it rocks my world--it's perfect for a social nerd comme moi. I take my Leica D-Lux 4 camera  everywhere, and my MacBook Pro  is a given! I also need music (constantly), so I have Bose speakers  for my MacBook and Bose headphones  for my
iPod  .”

Essential social networking tool: Twitter. “It's such a great way to connect with people. Writing is a very solitary pursuit, so it's fantastic to be able to bounce ideas off people in an instant.”

She’s “mayor” of: “Any of the Ninth Street Espresso locations. And when I walk into Betsey Johnson in Soho, they crow, ‘Miss Darling!’--which just goes to show how little restraint I have there! And I have been to Meet @ The Apartment about five times this month.”

Dreams of meeting: “I could die happy if I met Karl Lagerfeld. He is one of the most creative, interesting, prolific artists I can think of.”

Sums up her personal style as: Orchidaceous!

Who/what influences her fashion decisions: “What I wear mostly depends on where I'm going; though sometimes I will just have an idea in my head (‘stilettos with candy-colored socks!’) and have to go with it, regardless of the weather, occasion or consequences.”

Top daily reads: “Mystic Medusa and the personal blogs of my friends. I find people's real lives more interesting than anything else.”

Favorite online shopping destination: eBay and Etsy for vintage treasures, ModCloth for sweet dresses, Gilt Groupe and Ideeli for super-sales and Amazon for pretty much everything else

Favorite real world shopping: Patricia Field, Opening Ceremony, Forever 21, Uniqlo, TopShop, Bergdorf Goodman, Betsey Johnson, Tarina Tarantino, and Kiki de Montparnasse

Wardrobe essentials: “I have a vintage white faux fur coat which is the perfect length and deliciously warm; black Frye boots  ; Betsey Johnson dresses .”

Beauty essentials: Clarisonic Pro (every morning), a hyaluronic serum (every evening), and MAC Cosmetics Plush Lash

Current signature scent: “I rotate between Flowerbomb by Viktor+Rolf  , Miss Dior Cherie  and Lolita Lempicka  ; I like to smell like dessert!”

How she’s going green: Her site is 100% carbon neutral and has zero emissions

Beautiful Blogger Correspondent: Ann Colville Somma of Holier than Now