Frederique van der Wal

Owner, Frederique's Choice, a lifestyle brand inspired by flowers
New York
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Spotted: In Nolita with her daughter, Scyler, who turns 11 tomorrow

First thing she consumes in the a.m.: “Coffee and my favorite cereal--a mix of granola and Honey Bunches and strawberries.”

How she stays fit: Pilates, bicycling, tennis

What she’s wearing: Coclico boots, Liu Jo pants, shirt from OAK, Isabel Marant jacket, Giorgio Armani scarf, bag from Paris

And Scyler: Leather jacket from No Sugar in Rhinebeck, Hartford shirt, jeans from Vingino, boots from Pataugas (bought in Paris)

Go-to items: “For every day, great jeans (at the moment Denham), my All Stars, and a Rick Owens jacket.”

Fave shoes for day and night: “My Sue London ballet flats.”

On Scyler’s style: “She has her own individual style. It’s fantastic. I love the fact that she combines all kinds of things together.”

Top online shop: “We’re old-fashioned. We go to stores to shop!”

In Frederique's makeup pouch: Tweezerman eyepencil, MAC lipstick, and Maybelline mascara

Skin savers: "8-Hour Cream, Face Stockholm Essential "C" Serum, EmbryoLisse, and Creme de la Mer for now. I like to change my creams."

Signature scent: Gucci Envy

Advice to new moms: “It does get easier!!”

Fave family vacation: “Where there’s beach, water and sun. I love Costa Rica.”

Most repeated phrase to her daughter: “’We need to go!’ And ‘I love you!’ (Or the other way around :)).”

Book that’s bedside now: “Just finished a fantastic book--Infidel by Ayaan HirsiAli.”

Efforts her family takes to be green: “In my company we are socially responsible—packaging, etc. is all biodegradable--and at home we recycle, prefer to buy local organic products, always turn off lights and air conditioning when leaving, we take the bicycle quite often, and we garden and plant flowers and trees when we’re upstate.”