Emily P.

Writer/Reporter, Fashion Week Daily
New York, NY
Hails from: Boston, MA

Wearing: Black romper from Anthropologie, Christian Louboutin heels, Mulberry bag 

Personal style:
I love frills and thrills--feminine, but not fussy.”  

Fashion influence:
Depends on what color my mood ring is when I wake up in the morning.”

Dream meet:
My childhood dream was to meet Angela Lansbury.” 

Top online shop: Gilt Groupe

Favorite real-world shop: Vintage and tiny boutique shops on the LES and in the East Village 

Longs to own:
A Chanel purse

Wardrobe essentials:
A pair of flats, a mini shift dress and some type of hair flair (bows, flower, etc.) 

Top 3 beauty buys:
Lipstick, mascara, and hair straightener 

Signature scent:
I switch it up, but recently I am using Toykomilk Parfum in Gin and Rosewater.”

If she weren't a fashion writer, she would like to: 
Run a Bed and Breakfast called the ‘Popp In.’” 

Happiness is:
Lounging in an Adirondak chair with a tall glass of pomegranate lemonade

If she could change one thing about herself: I wish I were more interested in televised sports.”

Green efforts:
Turns off the water when brushing her teeth