Draco R. and his 9-year old son, Redamo

Dad’s a Musician and Entrepreneur; Redamo’s a Fourth Grader
Los Angeles; hail from Puerto Rico
Nolita, NY
Reason for their visit to NYC: A reward for Redamo’s good grades

Camera Redamo’s using to document his trip: Fuji

What he’ll use to edit video: iMovie

Favorite site so far: Statue of Liberty

Dad’s digital camera: Leica

What he's wearing: A Rum Vagabond t-shirt, Costume National jeans, John Galliano blazer, shoes from Maxfield in L.A., Paul Smith socks, Mastermind shades from Maxfield and an Apple backpack for his computer, iPod and iPhone

What Redamo’s sporting: An Iron Man t-shirt, Ike Behar blazer, Old Navy jeans and Nikes

Draco’s hair tamer: Moroccanoil. “My wife bought it for me. I’ll do anything to keep her happy after 23 years of marriage!”