West Village, NY
Baker & Chocolate Maker, Chocolate Bar, West Village

Spotted: At Chocolate Bar with her 4-year old son, Sailor

Child not pictured here: Her daughter Lulu, age 7

First thing she consumes in the a.m.: Americano with half & half

How she stays fit: Walks everywhere, takes the stairs, plays with her kids

What she's wearing: J. Crew jeans and men's sweater, Miss Mooz saddle shoes, Anthropologie shirt

What Sailor's got on: Little Marc, Gap, Zara, Vans

How her wardrobe's changed since becoming a mom: "More machine washable items, and I rarely owned jeans or pants pre-mom. Now they are a necessity on the playground!"

Go-to items in her closet: Great fitting jeans, striped tee, and ballet flats

Fave flats: Kenneth Cole

Look she loves on her kids: Preppy meets rock & roll

Top shops for the youngins: Mini Boden and Land's End

Toy/gadget that keeps them busy: iPad and anything Super Mario Brothers

Beauty product she can't survive a day without: Rosebud Salve

Signature scent: Vanilla

Advice to new mothers: "Moisturize, caffeinate, and enjoy the little moments--it goes by fast!"

Favorite place to go with her husband sans the kids: Sant Ambroeus

Fave family vacation: "Miami Beach in the dead of winter to visit family, shed layers and absorb some sun."

Book that's bedside now: The Fran Lebowitz Reader

Most repeated phrase to her kids: "Be kind and be safe."

Efforts the family takes to be green: "We recycle everything possible, accept and give hand-me-downs, and plant in our garden."

Photo by Joey Kuhn