Street Style

Slideshow: Red Hot Street Style

Beautiful Strangers are fired up for spring and adding bold splashes of red from head to toe. Here, a look at the scarlet fever spreading through the streets of New York City now.

Slideshow: Big-Brimmed Hats

Hats of all flavors filled the Fashion Week tents and sidewalks. One trend worth noting: brims are getting bigger. Here a look at some of the larger-size styles we spotted.

Fashion Week Slideshow #5: A Peek at Prints

While the temps at Fashion Week weren't exactly signaling the onset of spring, the lightweight fabrics with pretty patterns peeking out beneath winter coats were. Here, a look at the prints that popped up on women and men alike last week.


Sure we spotted fedoras and trapper hats galore at Fashion Week, but the strongest statement in head gear this week: turbans. From silk to wool, solids to prints, stylish show-goers were scarfing it up.

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