Slideshow: Red Hot Street Style

Beautiful Strangers are fired up for spring and adding bold splashes of red from head to toe. Here, a look at the scarlet fever spreading through the streets of New York City now.

Fashion Week Slideshow #6: Bright Spots

Every now and again, amongst the phalanxes of Fashion Weekers wearing all-black, there was color. From aqua vests to red coats to cobalt blue suits to yellow shoes and hair, we bring you the brightest spots in the crowd.

Fashion Week Flash: Shearlings, Color, Fedoras

Three predominant themes spotted among stylish show-goers on Day 1 of Fashion Week? Shearling coats, fedoras and splashes of color--from the lips right down to the shoes.

Sitting outside the tents with camera in hand and an eye on the crowd, this gal goes for all three at once.
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