Today's Beautiful Stranger, Andy, the blogger behind Amsterdam's Style Scrapbook, says maxi skirts are her #1 style lust for spring. Yesterday's featured Expert, Neiman Marcus's Kenneth Downing, said the floor-length skirt (complete with flat sandals) will be the hottest look hitting stores soon. Here, a double take of an ASOS maxi dress at Fashion Week.

A Fashion Week accessory we spotted on both girls and boys alike: the bow tie. Here, some of the dandy neckwear we noticed backstage, as well as on the street.
Hats of all flavors filled the Fashion Week tents and sidewalks. One trend worth noting: brims are getting bigger. Here a look at some of the larger-size styles we spotted.

Sure it requires some confidence to pull off a crimson kisser. But as today's Beautiful Stranger proves, it's time to find your best red and rock it! Here, the return of the red lip at Fashion Week.

We know many of you heart the look but wouldn't dare to rock a red mouth. Especially during the daytime hours. Fear not. We've asked makeup pro, Linda Kaufman, who wields her beauty brushes for Victoria's Secret fashion shows, Ten Years Younger and Germany's Next Top Model, to share her expert tips on how anyone can shine in scarlet.

Try on Reds.

"Just as you'd try on a dress before you'd buy it, road test red lipstick before you buy. Ask for assistance at your fave beauty shops and cosmetics counters."

All Reds are Not Created Equal.

"If opaque reds scare you off, join in the red-lipped fun by wearing a stain or gloss. A wash of red, while not as bold, makes just as beautiful a statement."

Wear What You Love, and Wear it With Confidence.

"Find a color that makes you feel amazing. While many advise that cooler complexions should opt for reds with blue and pink undertones, and warmer complexions can try coppery and brown tints, the best advice: go for what you love. Find something that makes you feel like the best version of yourself and own it!"

Kaufman's fave reds now:
Laura Mercier's Scarlet Lip Stain. "A bold, opaque stain."

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in Teasing Blush. "A stain that provides more of a wash of color that can be almost completely natural or amped up with multiple layers."

MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. "It's a basic red that looks good on almost everyone."

Do you love red lipstick? Please share your faves with us!
Christina Caradona, the curly-haired beauty behind Trop Rouge (and a fellow AOL StyleList blogger), whom we bumped into at Fashion Week, shares the secrets behind maintaining her magnificent waves. Note: Most of the magic happens while she sleeps!

Tip #1:  If she's going to sleep with dry hair, she braids it before bedtime.

Tip #2:  If her hair is wet when she turns in, she "piks it out" with a wide-inch comb and then sleeps with loose wet hair. In the a.m., her hair has a dry "slept-in" look.

Tip #3:  Before stepping out the door, she runs a dime-sized drop of Moroccan Oil through hair while her head's turned upside down.

Wanna' add an instant wow factor to your wardrobe? Throw on a colossal-sized necklace, such as the stunning styles from Anndra Neen shown at left. The not-so-subtle statement pieces we've recently spotted on the street mix metals and a myriad of gems. Check out the wearable art on the Anndra Neen team, Annette and Phoebe (below), as well as what other NYC Fashion Weekers were wearing around their necks.

Photo by Bruno Gaget

Today's Expert, Interior Designer Scott Sanders, has an impressive roster of clients and is credited with creating the Ralph Lauren Interior Design Department. The design guru, and author of Picture Perfect, says the fastest and most effective way to change the feel of a room is with accessories. Here, he shares a few of his favorites of the moment, which range from $10 to $350. At left, Elizabeth Lyons mini big jars, $350 each.

Below: IKEA Salong vases, $9.99; West Elm large lacquer trays, $69, Home Nature white lacquer tray with mirror, $350

Beautiful Strangers are fired up for spring and adding bold splashes of red from head to toe. Here, a look at the scarlet fever spreading through the streets of New York City now.

By now you're surely aware there's a major red revolution going on out there. But we realize a crimson coat or dress or suit might be a tad too much for those of you who like to keep things quiet on the color front. So how 'bout just a flash of red on your feet? We're loving these Chloe ballet flats--the perfect accompaniment to the maxi-skirt of the moment!